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Linux: iftop manual

posted on 2015-05-07 14:33:55

Linux iftop is a nice tool when watching traffic in realtime. Sadly, the base settings are not the most helpful.

So try these for a change, after starting iftop:

p  -  toggle port display
L  -  logarithmic traffic scale 
s  -  hide source host
N  -  port resolution off
t  -  toggle sent, received, sent+received, send and received display

which will give you something like this here: (sadly, the traffic bars are not shown)

         10b        100b        1,00kb     10,0kb      100kb      1,00Mb 10,0Mb
 * :443                   <=>  * :53269                     0b   37,9kb  11,0kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :21400                  4,79kb  20,0kb  5,00kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :20141                  27,7kb  19,6kb  4,89kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :50604                  52,4kb  17,9kb  4,47kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :58073                  16,3kb  16,3kb  6,05kb
 * :22                    <=>  * :27883                  19,0kb  14,8kb  12,3kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :50086                     0b   14,8kb  3,69kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :52441                   480b   14,4kb  4,88kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :50581                  71,5kb  14,3kb  3,58kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :49450                  11,3kb  13,9kb  5,05kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :57972                     0b   13,8kb  3,44kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :37680                     0b   13,7kb  3,42kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :49312                  6,93kb  13,6kb  3,41kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :49723                  13,5kb  13,6kb  6,09kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :4442                   15,5kb  13,6kb  3,39kb
 * :80                    <=>  * :53240                  13,4kb  13,4kb  6,69kb
 * :443                   <=>  * :51954                  13,4kb  13,4kb  5,15kb

TX:             cum:   28,0MB   peak:   3,18Mb  rates:   2,75Mb  2,86Mb  2,79Mb
RX:                    28,5MB           3,01Mb           2,83Mb  2,87Mb  2,84Mb
TOTAL:                 56,5MB           6,18Mb           5,58Mb  5,73Mb  5,63Mb

The bars are the actual traffic taking place, the logarithmic bar on top help with understanding.

To move down/up, use j/k.

The columns to the left are chosen via 1, 2, 3 and show traffic averages over 2s, 10s and 40s.

The bars can also be toggled, to reflect the 2s, 10s and 40s aggregation.

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