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guacamole: home folder location

posted on 2015-09-25 20:26:01

guacamole is a 'clientless rdp gateway' based on HTML5.

Sadly its pre-1.0 and has some hiccups.

One being the location of GUACAMOLE_HOME.

From its documentation:


Guacamole reads files from its own configuration directory by default, resorting to the classpath only when this directory cannot be found. When locating this directory, Guacamole will try, in order:

The directory specified within the system property guacamole.home.

The directory specified within the environment variable GUACAMOLE_HOME.

The directory .guacamole, located within the home directory of the user running the servlet container.

For tomacat7 that should be /usr/share/tomcat7/.guacamole. If you place folder somewhere else, without specifying the GUACAMOLE_HOME environment variable properly, no configuration will be loaded.

I have not read that excerpt above properly, and had to track that fact down in the source, maybe this will help someone.

In the source it were to be found here in line 44:

     1  public class GuacamoleHome {                                                     
     3      /**                                                                          
     4       * Logger for this class.                                                    
     5       */                                                                          
     6      private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(GuacamoleHome.class);
     8      static {                                                                     
     9          // Warn about deprecation                                                
    10          logger.warn("GuacamoleHome is deprecated. Please use Environment instead.");
    11      }                                                                            
    13      /**                                                                          
    14       * GuacamoleHome is a utility class and cannot be instantiated.              
    15       */                                                                          
    16      private GuacamoleHome() {}                                                   
    18      /**                                                                          
    19       * Returns the Guacamole home directory by checking, in order:               
    20       * the guacamole.home system property, the GUACAMOLE_HOME environment        
    21       * variable, and finally the .guacamole directory in the home directory of   
    22       * the user running the servlet container.                                   
    23       *                                                                           
    24       * @return The File representing the Guacamole home directory, which may     
    25       *         or may not exist, and may turn out to not be a directory.         
    26       */                                                                          
    27      public static File getDirectory() {                                          
    29          // Attempt to find Guacamole home                                        
    30          File guacHome;                                                           
    32          // Use system property by default                                        
    33          String desiredDir = System.getProperty("guacamole.home");                
    35          // Failing that, try the GUACAMOLE_HOME environment variable             
    36          if (desiredDir == null) desiredDir = System.getenv("GUACAMOLE_HOME");    
    38          // If successful, use explicitly specified directory                     
    39          if (desiredDir != null)                                                  
    40              guacHome = new File(desiredDir);                                     
    42          // If not explicitly specified, use ~/.guacamole                         
    43          else                                                                     
    44              guacHome = new File(System.getProperty("user.home"), ".guacamole");  
    46          // Return discovered directory                                           
    47          return guacHome;                                                         
    49      }                                                                            
    51  }  

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