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apt cheatsheet

posted on 2017-01-23 21:31

As short as possible:

apt-cache search = search for package (old)
apt-cache show = show package information
dpkg -l = show installed packages
dpkg -L = show package contents
dpkg -S = search packages for file
apt-get install = install package (old)
apt-get remove = uninstall package, leave configuration on disk (old)
apt-get purge = uninstall package, delete configs (old)

apt search = (new)
apt install = (new)
apt remove = (new)
apt purge = (new)

mdadm cheatsheet

posted on 2016-03-29 07:44

Since I have had too like this crap up one time too often...

# create new multiple device disk
mdadm --create MD_DEV options...
    -l1 -n2 --metadata=0.90 DEV1 DEV2

# assemble previously created multiple device disk
mdadm --assemble MD_DEV options...
    --scan / -s
    --run / -R
    --force / -f
    --update=? / -U
    --readonly / -o

# similar to --create, but...
mdadm --build MD_DEV options...

# bread and butter command
mdadm --manage MD_DEV options...
    --add / -a
    --remove / -r
    --fail / -f
    --run / -R
    --stop / -S
    --readonly / -o
    --readwrite / -w

# also bread and butter command
mdadm --misc options... DEVICES
    --query / -Q    (MD_DEV)
    --detail / -D   (MD_DEV)
    --examine / -E  (DEV)
    --examine-bitmap / -X (DEV)
    --run / -R 
    --stop / -S
    --readonly / -o
    --readwrite / -w
    --test / -t
    --wait / -w
    --zero-superblock (DEV)

# havent used these yet
mdadm --grow options device
mdadm --incremental device
mdadm --monitor options...

cisco: cheatsheet

posted on 2015-11-22 00:31:25

different modes

user exec           switch>                 just login with user
privileged exec     switch#                 configure terminal
global config       switch (config)#        interface
if config           switch (config-if)#     vlan
vlan config         switch (config-vlan)#   line
line config         switch (config-line)#

actual commands for first setup

cisco:cisco are the first user credentials with which you log in. Then you best create a proper user and finish basic setup.

create user


hostname <hostname>



show configuration

show running-config 

save configuration

write memory

## or: 
copy running-config startup-config

clear configuration

delete startup-config

## or: 
erase startup-config

RIGOL DS1054z cheatsheet

posted on 2015-08-06 18:51:11

I own a RIGOL oscilloscope, which is like the best bang-for-buck in the low end price sector, it seems.


  • 4 channels
  • 50 Mhz (can be hacked to 100Mhz)
  • can analyze SPI, RS232 etc (free via trialperiod at first, but this can be hacked to persist, too)
  • CHEAP (other comparable products cost three times as much, easily so)
  • 400 euros (you can get an older one, like a 2-channel DS1052E for like 250 to 300 Euros already!)
  • digital scope, not analogue
  • big memory (maximum of 24M can also be hacked)


  • menus are somewhat muddled and intricate
  • auto/normal/single trigger functioniality duplicated 3 times (2 times via button, plus menu)
  • menus are... oh well

To mitigate the menu problem, here all shorcuts for regular use-cases will be described.

TBD: group this and expand where needed

  • set x10 etc
  • enable roll mode
  • measure everything
  • show frequency
  • measure more than current channel
  • show history graph
  • show history table
  • chose bus type (RS232 or whatever)
  • delete extra graphs
  • delete all extra graphs
  • scroll extra graphs, if possible
  • reset graph positions
  • cursor handling
  • proper trigger handling
  • show version
  • show enabled modules
  • enter license key
  • change persistence time
  • change grid type
  • store to usbstick in all variations
  • use rj45 uplink
  • use usb uplink
  • auto vs. normal vs. single
  • maximums of possible measurements
  • change fineness degree when scaling the graph
  • limits of the device (list things that cannot be shown)
  • math
  • reference handling!
  • trigger out and pass/fail
  • overlay on/off

systemd cheat sheet

posted on 2015-01-16 22:54:15


Used to start a service (not reboot persistent)
service <daemon> start               systemctl start <daemon>

Used to stop a service (not reboot persistent)
service <daemon> stop                systemctl stop <daemon>

Used to stop and then start a service
service <daemon> restart             systemctl restart <daemon>

When supported, reloads the config file without interrupting pending operations.
service <daemon> reload              systemctl reload <daemon>

Restarts if the service is already running.
service <daemon> condrestart         systemctl condrestart <daemon>

Tells whether a service is currently running.
service <daemon> status              systemctl status <daemon>

Used to list the services that can be started or stopped
Used to list all the services and other units
ls /etc/rc.d/init.d/                systemctl 
                                    systemctl list-unit-files --type=service
                                    ls /lib/systemd/system/*.service /etc/systemd/system/*.service

Turn the service on, for start at next boot, or other trigger.
chkconfig <daemon> on                systemctl enable <daemon>

Turn the service off for the next reboot, or any other trigger.
chkconfig <daemon> off               systemctl disable <daemon>

Used to check whether a service is configured to start or not in the current environment.
chkconfig <daemon>                   systemctl is-enabled <daemon>

Print a table of services that lists which runlevels each is configured on or off
chkconfig --list                    systemctl list-unit-files --type=service 
                                    ls /etc/systemd/system/*.wants/

Used to list what levels this service is configured on or off
chkconfig <daemon> --list            ls /etc/systemd/system/*.wants/<daemon>.service

Used when you create a new service file or modify any configuration
chkconfig <daemon> --add             systemctl daemon-reload

To be fair, this is just ripped from the fedora manual and I reformatted it a bit.

Another gem might be:

systemd-analyze blame

This will tell you the times the assorted programs needed during booting

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