Posts from 2014-01

git: amount of commits per author

posted on 2014-01-21 18:21:49

To show the amount of individual commits per author, use

git shortlog -ns

while being in the repository folder.

Distinguish builtin shell functions, aliases, functions and commands

posted on 2014-01-20 10:04:41

If you have a grown .bashrc and wonder what commands you did define in the past, these are helpful:


type -t

Will show you what exactly you are dealing with. (Builtin, alias, function, regular command.)

[jl@jerrylee ~]$ type -t git

[jl@jerrylee ~]$ type -t export

[jl@jerrylee ~]$ type -t gc

gc is an alias which I have locally defined in my .bashrc. It has a function bound to itself as we will see.

Built-ins are looked up a the main man page. (I.e. man bash or man zsh.)


[jl@jerrylee ~]$ alias gc
alias gc='gitcommit'

If alias is used with no string afterwards, it will push out a complete list of all defined aliases.

declare / typeset

To look up functions:

[jl@jerrylee ~]$ declare -f gitcommit
gitcommit () 
    git c "$*"
[jl@jerrylee ~]$ typeset -f gitcommit
gitcommit () 
    git c "$*"

declare -f and typeset -f are synonymous.


Here you easiest start with which.

Besides, all other commands are the same.

git: show unpushed commits

posted on 2014-01-20 06:24:05


git cherry -v

you can show the unpushed commits' SHA plus their messages. Without the -v flag just the SHA is shown.

Find files via grep and open in editor

posted on 2014-01-18 23:33:31

Often you have to find a function definition or use or just a unique string or setting, but do not know in which file it is located. Grepping will return the results, but you have to type in the filename again when opening the file in question in an editor. This here is intended to streamline the process.

grepe static void main or
grepv static void main.

No "" needed.

Put this into your .bashrc.

    emacs $(\grep -irl "$*" .)
    vim $(\grep -irl "$*" .)

I wonder why I did not look for this earlier. :o)

grep is used instead of ack so all files are searched, as ack will only search files it 'knows'.

Filtering git logs

posted on 2014-01-13 18:46:22

When working with git, sometimes you have to search the logs for a particular piece of information. Of course, grep can be put to use externally. But using git log's own built-in is by far a better solution.

git log | grep -i <search pattern> | tac

will result in only matched lines. tac is like cat, but returns the results in reverse order.

Mostly you would want

git log -i --reverse --grep=<search pattern>

because this will return full commits, not just matched lines!

Debugging in Haskell

posted on 2014-01-05 17:28:45

Try using traceShow:

traceShow (var1,var2,var3) $ <statement>

followed by the statement you want to step through.

varX are the variables being used.

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